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Merchant's Crossing

Merchant's Crossing

The Merchant's Crossing model is our latest castle-themed design, and follows the thematic build of the Lion Knight's castle.  This gatehouse is at the border of the Lion Knight's territory, and controls the flow of goods in and out of the kingdom.  Despite being set on a more minor trade route and having only minor fortifications, this checkpoint nonetheless features a stout gate and a ballista for defending against incursions by land or air.


The model takes some design inspiration from the Tranquil Garden set for the water features and some of the tree designs. The large weeping willow is based on the Tree of Souls from the Turuk Makto set. Except for the mangrove-like tree, all trees are designed with the Tranquil Garden modular approach, and are easily removed, swapped, or customized.


This product does not include a PDF manual or XML parts file. Included is the Studio model file, and we encourage builders to further customize this design as they see fit!  Use Studio's "Add to Wanted List" feature to upload the parts from your modified file to Bricklink.


As a reminder, our Terms of Use and intellectual property rights apply just as much to Studio files as they do to our PDF instruction manuals and XML parts lists. Users are prohibited from further distributing our model files, and may not commercialize or profit from designs that use our products as a substantial part of the end product. We encourage you to reach out to our legal team with any questions about our Terms of Use.


Instructions Format:

  • Studio File - the Studio model file for this build. Most sections of the model are already divided into submodels with parts organized into steps, making for a relatively easy build experience. Please note: the Studio File does not include all of the ground plants and other greenery and accessories shown in the photos, such as flags, weapons, and minifigures, and you will need to customize to your preferences.
  • 10,389+

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