Instructions: Rebel Support Craft

Instructions: Rebel Support Craft

All of our Rebel ships are designed to-scale with LEGO's© Imperial Star Destroyers, set #10030 and #75252. They are also to-scale with various other MOC ISDs, such as Raskolnikov's Aggressor.


The Rebel Fleet sported a variety of support craft. The MC30c Frigate was heavily armed and one of the fastest ships of its class, making it the most powerful frigate fielded by the Rebel Alliance. The Nebulon-B, although initially intended for Imperial use, were well known for their medical service in the Rebel Alliance. The Nebulon-B2 was a lesser-known member of the Nebulon family, and was designed as a heavier combat vessel.


Additionally, the Rebel fleet sported a variety of smaller support vessels, including a variety of Hammerhead Corvettes, several classes of blockade runner including the CR-90 Corvette and the DP-20 Frigate, GR-75 transports, and numerous Corellian freighters. These vessels served as couriers and supported the heavier vessels during combat.


Model Description:

  • This listing is for digitally-delivered instructions ONLY, and includes no physical LEGO© parts
  • Designed to scale with LEGO's© 75252, 10030; JD's Victory ISD, Proclamator ISD, MC80a, MC80b, MC75, Imperial and Rebel support craft; and other MOC'sts.



  • MC30c Frigate (two alternative builds included)
  • Nebulon-B Frigate
  • Nebulon-B2 Frigate
  • CR90 Corvette (Blockade Runner)
  • Sphyrna-Class Corvette (Hammerhead, Rebels version) in red, blue, & orange
  • Sphyrna-Class Corvette (Hammerhead, Rogue One version)
  • DP-20 Frigate
  • GR-75 Transport
  • VCX-100 Light Freighter (the Ghost)


Instructions format:

  • PDF Manual - A complete, printable manual for each individual model/color variation
  • XML Parts File - A complete list of the parts necessary for each individual model/color variation
  • Complementary LDD + Bricklink Parts Buying Guide


- Credit for the Ghost goes to LEGO® in their 2017 Advent Calendar

- Credit for the base version of the Hammerhead Corvette goes to TheDarthDesigner, who made his model publically available for reproduction at

  • MC30c:  417

    Nebulon-B:  275

    Nebulon-B2:  325

    CR90:  90

    Sphyrna (Rogue One):  150

    Sphyrna (Rebels):  134

    DP20:  41

    GR-75:  15

    VCX-100:  24


We do not warrant product or parts availability or pricing, systems compatibility, or products 100% free from error. Please review our Company Policies and inquire regarding any questions prior to placing an order.

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