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Instructions: MC75 "Profundity" Star Cruiser

Instructions: MC75 "Profundity" Star Cruiser

The MC75 star cruiser is a Mon Calamari city ship repurposed for combat with battleship-grade heavy armor and a large weapons collar encircling the main body of the ship. The most well-known MC75 was the Profundity, commanded by Admiral Raddus during the pivotal Battle of Scarif. Boasting twenty point-defense laser cannons, twelve broadside turbolasers, four heavy ion cannons, twelve proton torpedo launchers, and six tractor beam projectors, the MC75 was more versatile than the MC80 and easily adapted to varying engagement styles.


The most notable feature of the MC75 is an armored outrigger fin extending the bridge command pod below the ship, a design choice intended to evoke the appearance of predatory fish feared among the Mon Calamari. A smaller fin above the ship housed the transmission array and primary sensor clusters. The large docking bay within the ship's nose was capable of docking ships up to the size of small corvettes (notably the Tantive IV). Although the MC75 lacked prominently displayed engine housings, twelve Kuat Drive Yards Gemon-15 sublight ion drives hidden beneath the rear armor plating allowed the MC75 to match the cruising speed of starfighter escorts.


Check out this video for a fantastic summary of the MC75's role in the Rebellion:


Model Description:

  • This listing is for digitally-delivered instructions ONLY, and includes no physical LEGO® parts.
  • Includes an almost exact replica of the Tantive IV as included in LEGO® set number 75252, which can be positioned either docked within the hangar bay, stood on it's own stand (included), or positioned deploying from the Profundity's hangar bay!
  • Designed to scale with LEGO® set numbers 75252, 10030; JD's Venator, Victory, and Proclamator Star Destroyers; MC80a, MC80b, Imperial and Rebel support craft; and other MOC's.
  • Scale Tantive IV, Ghost, and GR-75s as shown included in instructions manual and parts list


Instructions format:

  • PDF Manual - A complete, printable manual for the build (360 pages)
  • XML Parts List - A complete list of the parts necessary for the model
  • User Guide
  • To purchase a display plaque sticker, visit


- Credit for the base design of the Ghost goes to The LEGO Group in their 2017 Advent Calendar.

- Credit for the base design of the Tantive IV goes to The LEGO Group in their 75252 ISD.

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