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Instructions: UCS Jango's Slave I

Instructions: UCS Jango's Slave I

Subvert galactic authority from the helm of Jango's Firespray-31 class patrol and attack craft! If you're like us, you love Boba Fett but still hold Jango Fett in high regard. To that end, we have customized LEGO® set number 75060 in Jango's color scheme. For this upgrade, we prioritized a realistic design while making the upgrade to set 75060 as cost-effective as possible.


This model uses only official LEGO® bricks in their original color, and minimizes the number of alternative parts you need to buy to complete the upgrade. Notable alterations include the altered color scheme, the elimiation of the opening missile panels on the nose in favor of a sleek, flat style, as well as orange engine flares and a more neutral rear-hull color scheme. Our version uses the same stand as that used in the official LEGO® set.


This listing is for digitally-delivered instructions ONLY, and includes no physical LEGO® bricks.


Instructions format:

  • LDD & XML file of the complete model + stand
  • LDD & XML file containing all of the parts needed in addition to LEGO® set number 75060
  • Official LEGO® set number 75060 digital PDF building guide
  • User Guide


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