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Instructions: Proclamator-class Star Destroyer

Instructions: Proclamator-class Star Destroyer

The Proclamator-class Star Destroyer is a non-canon design created by FractalSponge. View FractalSponge's 3D Proclamator and other designs at We have altered the scale of the ship, re-classed it as a Star Destroyer, and adjusted background information found in the site comments.


Built in the waning days of the Old Republic, the Proclamator-class Star Destroyer was conceptually the warship successor to the Acclamator-class assault ship. Unlike the Acclamator, the Proclamator lacked a massive capacity for transporting troops and supporting equipment, instead balancing firepower with fighter capacity. Overshadowed by the introduction of the Imperial-class and lacking the ‘taint’ of the Republic that saw the Venator-class sidelined, the Proclamator would continue to see service in the Imperial Navy, fulfilling similar roles to the Victory I and Victory II-class ships.

Whereas the Victory class was designed for firepower, the Proclamator was intended to be flexible. Armed with six triple heavy turbolasers and twelve quad medium turbolasers, the ship lacked the raw punch of the Victory class. But, thanks to the addition of 21 quad light-and-heavy dual antifighter turret mountings, the ship was far more dangerous for fighters to attack. Four large hanger bays, each capable of holding a squadron of fighters (traditionally composed 12 TIE/LN fighters or 8 TIE/sa bombers per squad) as well as smaller numbers of assorted shuttles and support craft. The expanded capacity allowed the Proclamator deploy 48 fighters, double the Victory-class’s capacity.Also capable of transporting 1,800 troops, the Proclamator could help quell planetary rebellions and support other vessels with its fighter complement, acting as a light carrier. Like the Victory II, the Proclamator was not built in great numbers before the end of the Clone Wars, but was seen as a successor to the crew-intensive Dreadnaught class and an able support ship for the Victory in less critical areas, and thus was retained in production.


By the outbreak of the Galactic Civil War and the rise of the Rebellion, hundreds of Proclamator-class ships had been constructed and were often used as flotilla flagships due to their larger fighter capacity compared to other similarly sized ships. In Imperial service the common mix was 36 fighters and 8-12 bombers, but this could be changed as needed. The turbolaser mountings could be raised or lowered away from the hull, enabling each turret to target enemy vessels located directly in front of or behind the Proclamator. Less important sectors that relied more heavily on older ships like the Victory, Dreadnaught or other Clone Wars era vessels often built task groups around a Proclamator-class or, when they were available, a Venator-class Star Destroyer.


Scores of Proclamators also saw service alongside front line Imperial battlegroups, albeit in a supporting role such as protecting supply convoys and acting as a rearguard. Rebel raiders tended to avoid the heavy fighter umbrella offered by a Proclamator. In combat the ships were quite capable of overwhelming the Nebulon-class frigates and Corellian corvettes commonly fielded by the Rebels, but were outclassed by heavier warships. Several Proclamators did fall into Rebel hands, either captured or salvaged and returned to service, but their large crew requirements made them somewhat unpopular craft within the Rebellion.


Model Description:

  • This listing is for digitally-delivered instructions ONLY, and includes no physical LEGO® bricks
  • Designed to scale with LEGO® set numbers 75252, 10030; JD's Victory ISD, Proclamator ISD, MC80a, MC80b, MC75, Imperial and Rebel support craft; and other MOC's


Instructions format:

  • PDF Manual - A complete, printable manual for the build (429 pages)
  • XML Parts List - A complete list of the parts necessary for the model
  • User Guide
  • To purchase a display plaque sticker, visit
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