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Instructions: Great Temple on Yavin 4

Instructions: Great Temple on Yavin 4

Celebrate the first on-screen appearance of a Rebel base by building the Great Temple from Yavin IV! This massive model includes everything your Rebels need to resist Imperial tyranny throughout the galaxy.


This model is ideal for builders who plan to purchase and use parts from LEGO® set 75365. Although these instructions also include parts lists for those who do not own set 75365, this may substantially increase the overall parts cost due to some of the parts and stickers being exclusive to set 75365.


Model Description:

  • This listing is for digitally-delivered instructions ONLY, and includes no physical LEGO® bricks.
  • Features three hangar bays, briefing room, medical bay, mechanics bay with functioning bi-directional winch crane, two hidden compartments for weapons and other accessories, control room, awards ceremony room, and three wall sections that detatch from the temple exterior for easy playability.
  • Accessories include a moving catwalk, a boarding ladder with adjustable height, tram for pilots and cargo, tree with lookout post, and various pieces of cargo.
  • Includes bonus instructions for an A-wing model in two color schemes.


Instructions format:

  • PDF Manuals - Four complete, printable PDF manuals:
    • Great Temple (951 pages)
    • Accessories (101 pages)
    • Green A-Wing (45 pages)
    • Blue A-Wing (45 pages)
  • XML Parts Lists - Six parts lists for the model:
    • Great Temple (with parts from set #75365)
    • Great Temple (without parts from set #75365)
    • Accessories (with parts from set #75365)
    • Accessories (without parts from set #75365)
    • Green A-Wing
    • Blue A-Wing
  • User Guide
  • Great Temple: 4,983 bricks

    Accessories: 498 bricks

    A-Wing (Blue & Green versions): 285 bricks

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