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Instructions: Glenhaven Castle

Instructions: Glenhaven Castle

Welcome to Glenhaven Castle! Ideal for owners of either the Lion Knights' Castle or the Medieval Blacksmith, this build is intended as an expansion of the LEGO® 10305 Lion Knights' Castle.


Glenhaven Castle is fully modular, featuring numerous interior rooms and functions revealed by removing roof sections and opening walls on hinges, including:


  • Expanded dungeon
  • Wizard's shop
  • Blacksmith
  • Stables
  • Watchtower
  • Great hall & throne room
  • Treasury
  • Queen and soldiers' quarters
  • Attic


Note that no accessories as shown in pictures are included in the parts lists (including minifigures, weapons, animals, etc.).


Instructions Format:

  • PDF Manual - A complete, printable manual for the build (508 pages)
  • XML Parts List - A complete list of the parts necessary for the model
    • Includes additional parts lists for those builders who own and wish to use parts from LEGO® sets 10305 (Lion Knights' castle), 21325 (Medieval Blacksmith), or both.
  • User Guide


PLEASE NOTE: this design uses parts exclusive to set 10305 that may be difficult or expensive to obtain if you do not own a second copy of 10305. Although all required parts are currently available for individual purchase through, we highly recommend builders of Glenhaven Castle purchase a second copy of set 10305 to maximize purchasing value. It is cheaper to purchase parts through sets than as individual bricks and this will also expand your collection of minifigures for either personal use or resale.

  • 37% parts overlap with 10305 Lion Knights' Castle
  • 24% parts overlap with 21325 Medieval Blacksmith
  • 54% parts overlap with both 10305 and 21325
  • 4,948

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