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Instructions: Teroch-class Mandalorian Cruiser

Instructions: Teroch-class Mandalorian Cruiser

We are proud to finally release our new flagship product, in development for more than two years: the Gankona!


The Gankona (Japanese for "headstrong" or "stubborn") is our recreation of the Teroch-class Mandalorian cruiser as designed by Ansel Hsiao (also known as Fractalsponge). Ansel is an artist specializing in hard surface modeling and vehicle/spaceship concept design. His work is truly amazing, and many of you may already be familiar with his work as our Proclamator-class Star Destroyer is based on another of his original creations. Please visit the hyperlinks included below to view and support his work.


The Teroch is evocative of everything Mandalorian. Meaning “pitiless” in Mando’a, the Teroch is designed for full frontal assaults, reflecting the Mandalorian single-minded focus on offense with little thought for retreat or defense. Featuring a narrow attack profile with the vast majority of weaponry facing forward, only one turret is oriented purely for rear defense. In a frontal assault the Teroch brings five heavy turbolasers and four quad turbolaser batteries to bear, allowing it to quickly wear down enemy shields. Two concussion missile launchers are located on either side of the ship’s neck for close-quarters combat.


The Teroch’s size allows it to maintain a full squadron of Fang fighters. Often manufactured in conjunction with their motherships, these renowned fightercraft are deadly in the hands of experienced Mandalorian pilots. When engaged in frontal assault, the hangar bay housed within the neck of the ship grants launching fighters a measure of protection against enemy fire. Of course, with all crew and passengers in full beskar with jetpacks, who needs fighters?


Aware of the ship's vulnerability against coordinated fighter attacks without a full Fang complement, engineers designed a unique anti-fighter defense system. A rapid-fire launcher mounted in the ship’s nose is capable of launching specially-modified seismic charges, mining an area of space. Charges are detonated remotely, discouraging tight knots of fighters and instead forcing enemies to spread out, making it easier for Fang fighters to engage enemies and complicating approaches by enemy bombers behind fighter screens.


The Teroch’s massive engines grant it the maneuverability to efficiently keep targets within forward firing arcs, while two Class-I hyperdrives allow for quick redeployment against new threats.


Our model features several custom Mandalorian minifigures from Clone Army Customs - check them out!


Model Description:

  • This listing is for digitally-delivered instructions ONLY, and includes no physical LEGO® bricks.

  • Fully articulating turbolasers with locking bases.

  • Optional LEGO® Power Functions lights compatibility with remote control operation to light up engines and nose.

  • Removable sections reveal bi-level minifigure-scaled playable interior, including bridge, crew quarters, armory, brig, troop deployment and storage bays, and a speeder bay containing three stowaway speeder bikes.

  • Conveniently located carry points for moving the model.

  • Display plaque built into the stand (sticker sold separately, see below).


Instructions Format:

  • PDF Manual - A complete, printable manual for the build (1,398 pages) including instructions for adding optional Power Functions lighting

  • XML Parts List - Includes two complete parts lists for the model: one that includes the optional Power Functions lights parts, and one that does not

  • User Guide

  • To purchase a display plaque sticker, visit


Fractalsponge Website:


Fractalsponge Artstation:

  • 16,930 (with lights)

    16,916 (without lights)

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