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Last updated October 6, 2020


There's a lot of off-brand parts being distributed today such as Lepin, and it can be difficult to tell the difference between a real LEGO® brick and a fake if you're not looking for it.

Not from us. We guarantee that every part we sell is an official LEGO® brick, and not a knock-off brand. Our company does not support, endorse, or sponsor any brand of building parts other than LEGO®.

Our kits are composed of a mix of new and used LEGO® bricks. ALL white bricks included with purchases will always be in new condition (due to the fact that minimal use and yellowing shows more easily on white bricks). We also do our best to replace the old-style gray bricks with the newer bluish-gray color, as well as any other parts we notice which show signs of excessive wear, but sometimes parts slip by. You may message us to request a kit of entirely new bricks, but this will almost always increase the sale price.

Companies such as Lepin are notorious for manufacturing low quality, off-brand LEGO® parts, and then selling these parts in brick-for-brick replicas of copyrighted LEGO® models. These companies are also well-known in the AFOL community for stealing the creations of independent designers and marketing their models. Companies such as Lepin neither request permission from, nor provide compensation to, the original designers for use of their models. We are one of many businesses and individual designers that has seen creations stolen and marketed for profit by other companies. Maintaining control over our creative content is the only way we can afford to continue to produce the models you enjoy building. Because it is almost impossible for us to monitor all of the sites listing custom LEGO® models, we rely on feedback and tips from our consumers to ensure our models are not stolen. Although it can be difficult and often impossible to force compliance from international companies like Lepin, we do everything we can to ensure our intellectual property remains our own, and we appreciate your helping us accomplish this goal.


Due to the partially or wholly digital nature of our merchandise, as well as the sheer quantity of parts being sent, our site has a no refunds policy. Returns and refunds will only be granted on a case-by-case basis. However, that doesn't mean we won't do our very best to ensure your satisfaction with your purchase!

When placing orders, please pay specific attention to the software requirements of our instructions. Some of our older instructions require operating systems capable of running LEGO Digital Designer (LDD) or Stud.Io. Always ensure the necessary programs will run on your system before making a purchase, and always check how a software update will impact your ability to use prior purchases. We do not offer refunds for any compatibility issues.


We strive to provide quality designs that won't disappoint. If you purchased digital instructions and are having difficulty with the files, let us know immediately - we will work with you to provide a solution.

Bought a complete kit, but missing some parts? We do our best to ensure that each kit has every part it needs, but now and then one slips out. Contact us with a note on what parts you're missing, and we'll mail out replacements ASAP.


Just buying model instructions? Don't worry about a multi-day wait - download your files as soon as payment is completed! Just watch for a link sent to the email associated with your PayPal account. Download links are valid for 30 days following your purchase. We will resent download links up to six months following your purchase date (see "Instructions" section below.

Buying a physical model? If your purchase is in stock, it will ship within 2 business days upon receipt of payment.

Please keep in mind that we don't stock many of our larger physical kits. If your purchase is not in stock, it may take up to 2-3 weeks or longer for us to order parts and ship the final product to you.

Please note: any international shipping option excluding Canada will incur a $6.25 handling fee. This fee is used in the event of a customs/duties fee for the importation of our product. Should there not be any customs/duties fees to ship to your particular country, this fee will be refunded in full. A $1.00 domestic handling fee covers insurance on all orders.

We have done our best to create an accurate shipping scale for buyers. However, we reserve the right to impose additional charges or cancel your order in the event that the shipping costs significantly exceed the fee generated for your order by the site.

We will only ship products or send digital download links to the addresses associated with a buyer's PayPal account. Always ensure that the physical shipping and email addresses in your PayPal account are up to date before placing an order. Digital purchases cannot be cancelled or refunded after completing checkout, even in cases of incorrect or outdated email addresses.


Some of our listings include pictures of minifigures and/or accessories to show the relative size of the model or to demonstrate some of its special features. Unless specified otherwise, none of our kits come with any minifigures or accessories. You may send us a message to inquire about obtaining accessories or minifigures you may desire.


All new releases include complete, printable PDF models. We are also gradually creating PDF manuals for our older models. Each individual listing will state whether a PDF manual is available for that particular model.


The instructions for our older models may utilize LDD (LEGO Digital Designer), a user-friendly CAD program produced by LEGO® for designing models digitally. LDD has a feature which generates instructions for the model you have created, but these instructions can be difficult to follow when assembling a large or complicated physical model. You may download LDD for free from LEGO's website here:

Some models may also include the model in Stud.Io, a digital design program similar to LDD made available by Bricklink. You may download Stud.Io for free here:


Digital building programs can be difficult to understand, especially is using LDD's auto-generated building mode. We recommend that all buyers unfamiliar with LDD and/or Stud.Io download the programs and experiment prior to purchasing instructions requiring their use. Buyer difficulties related to downloading and using LDD or Stud.Io, excluding difficulties specifically related to the instruction files being purchased, are not grounds for a refund.

We recommend using for purchasing individual LEGO® bricks. All of our Instructions come with an XML file, which can be uploaded directly to Bricklink to making buying parts easy. Our Instructions also come with a complementary guide to using Bricklink to buy parts for our kits.

We do not guarantee parts or product availability or cost. The availability and cost of individual LEGO bricks fluctuates rapidly. Although we attempt to ensure during product design that all required parts are common and easy to obtain at a reasonable price, unfortunately some parts may go out of production or become hard to find. We are not liable for particular parts becoming incredibly expensive or difficult to obtain, and make no warranty regarding a model's continued buildability. If you notice problems related to parts prices or availability, please contact us and we will work with you to suggest alternatives and, at our discretion, issue model updates.

We recommend backing up any digital purchases to prevent loss. If for some reason you lose or accidentally delete a portion of your digital instructions, we are happy to replace them within six months of your order date at no cost.

When purchasing any instructions, we recommend having some form of laptop or desktop computer available, as we cannot guarantee that smart phones and tablets have the necessary applications available for opening and uploading XML parts files. Please consult with questions prior to purchase for your specific devce.


Occasionally updates to existing models will be issued to correct for parts inaccuracies, changes in parts availability, release a new manual, alter model aesthetics, or other reasons. Buyer that have subscribed to our mailing list will receive email notifications of planned or released model updates. We reserve the right to release updates as a separate product from the original release.

Generally, corrections to parts list errors, parts lists corrections based on parts list availability, corrections of errors in PDF manuals, and other flaw corrections will be provided to buyers at no additional cost. Fundamental changes to the original product, such as complete model re-designs or release of a PDF manual where previously no manual existed, will be treated as a new product and buyers will be required to order the new product separately.

Occasionally the availability of specific LEGO® bricks/colors will change, making it difficult or impossible to obtain the parts for some of our kits. We may alter minor details of the model to make it affordable for buyers to order parts for models. In these cases, there may be minor discrepancies between model pictures on our site and the instructions and parts included in your kit. These are not a basis for a refund.


Any of our kits listed as "Available by Preorder Only" in the product description are never stocked. This means that once we receive your order, we will then order the parts required for your model. The turnaround time between your order and our being able to ship the complete kit is usually 3-4 weeks. This can be either shorter or longer, depending on how quickly the parts come in and whether the orders had all the parts for your kit. Unfortunately we have less control over the shipping time for these kits and cannot guarantee a shipping date, since they are not stocked.

As soon as your kit ships, tracking information will be posted at the order details page, where you may access it at any point to know the shipping status of your order.


We do design work on commission! If you already have the digital files for the model (LDD or Stud.Io), we can create high-quality, printable instruction manuals. Or, we can design a model from scratch. A great example of one of our commissioned models is the Eclipse or our Rebel Fleet. Send us a message detailing what you would like built, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please include the following in your message:

  • Whether you need instructions, a commissioned design, or both

  • A detailed description of the model you have envisioned

  • Pictures showing various angles of the subject

  • Desired dimensions of the final product

  • Your price range for the model

If you want us to create a kit or instructions based on the model of another designer, we need the original designer's permission. We will never recreate kits or instructions for models that are not made publicly available by the designer, and will never attempt to pass off another designer's work as our own.

If you purchase a complete kit from us, you are paying for our time and experience in sourcing parts and checking orders for accuracy. Although errors are rare, we do not guarantee that any kits will be 100% free of missing or incorrect parts. We do, however, warrant that we will replace any missing or erroneous parts ASAP at no additional cost to you.

Where buyers provide model files or design specifications for our production use in commissions, buyers automatically warrant title to us as the seller, and indemnify Jorstad Designs against all subsequent infringement claims.

Please note: a commissioned design is ONLY a retention of our services for the creation of a model and accompanying instructions. Model commissions do not constitute a transfer of rights to the designs subject to the commission, and all rights associated with said commissioned designs will remain with Jorstad Designs, LLC unless otherwise specified in writing by a duly authorized representative of Jorstad Designs, LLC.


Our instructions listings do not provide cost estimates for the required parts for several reasons: parts cost and availability changes daily, varies depending on the buyer's geographical region, and is different for each of our models. We are committed to providing only the most accurate information to our customers, and unfortunately would be unable to update model cost estimates with the frequency required for accuracy.

We do understand that many of our customers operate within set budgets and desire a cost estimate prior to purchasing instructions. We are always happy to assist with providing a quote estimate for a particular model, and customers are more than welcome to contact us for this purpose. Please note, however, that we will never guarantee any provided quotes as reflective of the final amount a customer may end up paying to obtain parts for a model.

Due to Covid-19, parts availability and shipping times have been fluctuating, and the cost of parts on Bricklink have been increasing. Please consider these increased costs when placing orders for instructions.


By placing an order from Jorstad Designs, LLC, you are authorizing us to use your provided email address for contact purposes, and may not file a claim for unsolicited messages. Email newsletters and product updates will ONLY be sent to users that have subscribed to our mailing list. Should you wish to opt out of this service, contact us and you will be removed from our mailing list.

Customer account login information (email and password) is not stored on our website, and is instead stored on Wix's system. As such, our customer service representatives will neither have access to login information, nor will be able to assist in resetting account access. 

We take your privacy very seriously, and will not share your personal information with any outside party under any condition. However, no website is 100% secure, and you should exercise caution with what information you share, and with whom you share it, this website included. As this site is operated through Wix, we are not liable in the event of a security breach which releases personal information.


CHOKING HAZARD – LEGO® bricks are small parts and pose a choking hazard for, and should not be used by, children under the age of 3 years, or older as determined by parental figures.

Millions of toys are sold each year in the US and abroad to amuse children of all ages. Unfortunately, toys are also associated with thousands of injuries annually, some of which result in death. Children ages 3 and under (also including your free-roaming pets) are especially at risk for injury from toys. Injuries can range from falling, choking, strangulation, burning, drowning, and even poisoning. However, the leading cause of toy-related death is choking, usually on small parts. Injury often results when a toy is misused by children who are too young. An example is a toy with small parts, designed for older children, which can cause choking when those parts are ingested by a curious toddler.

Knowing what dangers can be associated with certain toys and age groups will help you better protect your child from toy injuries. When selecting toys for your child, consider the following recommendations:

  • Choose toys that are age-appropriate and meet your child’s skill level and interest by reading the toy’s labeling.

  • Make sure toys are used in safe environments, such as keeping a riding toy away from stairs.

  • Supervise and be involved in your child’s play, and be aware of necessary restrictions for toys your child has access to.

  • Store toys intended for older children or adults separately from toys used by younger children.

  • Use a small parts tester to determine which small toys or parts are a choking hazard to children under age 3. A small parts tester allows for small objects to be inserted – if the object fits, it is a choking hazard.

  • Check toys regularly for damage and other hazards.

Jorstad Designs, LLC, assumes no responsibility for the misuse of toy products or the packaging materials they are shipped within. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of these statements, Jorstad Designs and its agents are not responsible for any errors or omissions. This information should NOT be taken to constitute legal advice or opinion. Jorstad Designs disclaims all responsibility and accepts no liability (including negligence) for the consequences of any person acting, or refraining from acting, on this information. Please keep yourself and those around you safe.


By ordering any of our products, the buyer agrees unconditionally to the following terms of purchase:

- Rights to the products listed on this site are held by either Jorstad Designs, LLC, or by third party designers who have made their instructions publically available for use by anyone. All materials being transferred to the buyer are protected by United States and International Intellectual Property Copyright Law and may not be reproduced, distributed, adapted, transmitted, displayed, published, resold, or used for otherwise public or commercial purposes without the explicit prior written consent of Jorstad Designs. Purchases or downloads do not constitute a transfer of rights or ownership of the involved materials, and violators of these conditions may be held liable. Model instructions which are not the property of Jorstad Designs are not sold on this site, and are either offered at no fee as free downloads or are sold in conjunction with a purchase of physical LEGO® bricks.

- By placing orders through Jorstad Designs, LLC involving a download or digital product, buyers release Jorstad Designs from any responsibility involving malware or other potentially harmful coding, viruses, etc. While we do our best to ensure our products are malware free, and have never had an issue reported with our products, all purchases are made at the buyer's risk.

- Jorstad Designs, LLC reserves the right to cancel the orders of any buyer, and to restrict orders to certain sets/quantities (buyers will be notified). Our store will not ship to the State of Kansas.

- Excluding delivery of a damaged product, Jorstad Designs, LLC is not liable for product loss or damage following receipt of the product by the buyer.

- Customers must be 18 years or older to purchase online.


- LEGO® is a trademark of the LEGO Group of Companies which does not sponsor, authorize or endorse this website, content or seller in any way. STAR WARS® and ROGUE ONE® are registered trademarks of Disney that do not sponsor, authorize or endorse this website, content or seller in any way. All trademarks in this site are the property of their respective owners. Jorstad Designs, LLC, claims no rights to the programs used to design the models and instructions. Copyright © 2017 Jorstad Designs, LLC. All rights reserved.

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